Welcome to the Agritech Profi website
Agritech Profi is an independent Dutch company, specialized in sales and delivery of agricultural equipment, support of Agricultural activities, and realization of turn key projects. The company is focusing on in Russia, Ukraine , Kazakhstan, Belarussia and Uzbekistan and is specialized in potato growing, storing and packing of potatoes.
The strong points of Agritech Profi are:
-  Advising what   equipment suits the best in any specific situation.
-  Delivering to the client.
-  Turn key potato projects.
-  Guarantee of the highest yield and the lowest cost price, by assistance or consultancy of dutch managers .
-  Servicing and maintenance of all western equipment.
-  Sales of, and intermediate in all Agricultural products.
-  Sales and service GPS solutions, up to 1 cm accuracy
For all your agricultural, business development and management related issues, we can be your reliable partner in Western Europe and together with our partners we can answer all your agricultural questions.
Agritech Profi is partner of PLUS, Progress in Agricultural.


Phone: +31612990926 or +79162055494
Best regards,
The Agritech Profi team.