Potato production

 Agritech Profi, all you need for successful potato production!

Agritech Profi is together with his partners Agrico Holland and Agrico Eurasia, the only company who can provide you with all the inputs necessary for successful potato production.

- Seed potatoes from Agrico Holland.
- Certified Russian seed potatoes from Agrico Eurasia.
- Machines for potato production from Miedema, like Miedema planters, Miedema storing machines and tip trailers.
- AVR and Struik rotary ridgers and AVR and WM potato harvesters.
- Amazone computer regulated fertilize spreaders.
- Potato storages, new and reconstruction.
- Potato packing equipment Propak International and packing material.
- Irrigation systems Beinlich.
- Naus wooden containers for professional potato storage.

The whole product range is supported by qualified service engineers, spare part facilities in Russia and on demand of the client agronomical support from specialists from Holland,

For clients who are interested in young second hand equipment, we can find any as requested in Western Europe and there is always a certain stock available in Russia.