Vegetable production


New at the product range of Agritech profi are vegetable drills  , like carrot drill or onion drill of Kramer Proseeder (made by Gaspardo)




Kramer Proceeder develloped for all different systems or circumstances or different type od soil the best solution.

Unique and only at Kramer Proceeder vegetable seedersare camera systems on every seed disc for optimum control

For a leaflet of Kramer Proseeder please click the following link: leaflet Kramer Proseeder (pdf, 6Mb)


Agritech profi has also some used vegetable drills on stock, Kuhn Nodet carrotdrill and Gaspardo oniondrill. And all spare parts direct availeble from stock.

For more info pleasee contact us 


Agritech Profi is official dealer of Keulmac products, like keulmac Onion harvesters, onion leafcutters, Keulmac Carrot trailers, Keulmac electric/ hydraulic conveyors and Keulmac bintippers.


Please have a lool at the link for a movie, or visit the Keulmac website for the complete product range.


Other activities of Agritech Profi are:

1.) Spare parts for all Western European machines. Import from Europe, but also spare parts in stockin Russia.

2.) Commission for import all agricultural products, as Ware potatoes, onion, carrot, cabbage and fruit.

3.) Sales of seed potato of Agrico Holland.


Keulmac Onion lifter             (Film: FP Video)