Precision farming

AGRI 2.0 Precision Farming                                                                                                

The latest Knowledge and Technologies for Precision Farming now availeble for all former CIS countries.

AGRI 2.0

We help you to bring farming to the next level.


Precision Farming is the new version of farming that will yield more in every aspect. More profit, more joy and better quality while operational costs are lowered. To gain most profit from Precision Farming you’ll need solutions that suit you and your corporate goals. We at AGRI 2.0 are here to help you to reach your goals!


AGRI 2.0 is the company that supplies the latest knowledge and products for Precision Farming. We deliver a complete package of software and hardware solutions. But upfront we also implement the systems on your farm and deliver phenomenal service and support.

That’s how AGRI 2.0 will help you to fully profit from your investments.


AGRI 2.0 delivers:

·         Systems for automatic guidance of tractors and implements (less than 2cm accuracy!!!)

Click on the link for a small movie of a SBGuidance system on Struik ridger installed by Agri2 in Russia


·         Control systems for Variable Rate Application of fertilizer and chemicals

·         Machinery for automatic soil sampling

·         Services to produce (digital) Variable Rate Application maps

·         Software for geoscouting, field mapping and registration of field- and machine data.

·         GPS/GLONASS receivers and systems for visual navigation over fields

·         Handheld computers, in-cab computers and rate controllers for spreaders and sprayers

·         Training and Consultancy

·         Service and Support

AGRI 2.0

A transparent network partner


Cooperation yields more. This is especially true for the new version of farming. By cooperating intensively with a variety of specialists, we can offer you exactly the solutions that meet your needs and fit your goals. Cooperating with partners also helps to cut down costs and complexity and empowers solutions for optimal integration with technology that is already present within your company. And that is a great benefit to you.


AGRI 2.0

Aiming for result 2.0


Agri 2.0 aims for the best result possible. What do you think of:

·         5% extra gross yield; with the same effort and expenses at least 5% extra yield will be generated (no over- or underlap, driving on unworked land, variable rate planting, spreading and spraying)

·         20% reduction in costs; (working more efficiently and at night, needing less machinery, more overview and less theft and losses.

·         30% more net yield; mainly in potato we see big losses after harvest by damaged and green potatos. By using GPS/GLONASS systems for ridging and planting these losses will be severely cut down.


AGRI 2.0

Is free to talk to you.


To find out what AGRI 2.0 can do for you, we are free to talk to you about Farming 2.0. We guarantee you that you will have a better view on what you can do with Precision Farming on your farm after you have talked to us!


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